A Visit from MARDI

A Visit from MARDI

We are proud to have the Malaysia Agricultural Research an Development Institute (MARDI) to be one of our prestigious R&D partners for some upcoming products of Dozoff. 

It's well known that MARDI involved in R&D of food and beverage before many of them get commercialized. In fact, many locally made food and beverage products were the result of R&D from MARDI. That said, MARDI is actually a very SME-friendly government body working under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries, involved in countless R&Ds of food and beverages for micro-businesses and SMEs.

One thing we are proud of working with MARDI is that the R&D processes, standards, facilities and expertise in MARDI are of international grade, making sure that the R&D result is reliable and referable on international level, giving us the confidence of competency with our upcoming R&D and potential line-up of products.

One thing we believe worth highlighting is that MARDI is very supportive to local F&B businesses when you have interesting consumable product to be commercialized, or to be formulated. On top of the R&D support given, MARDI will generally advise businesses on the commercialization of F&B products, providing clear guidelines to follow for successful commercialization of F&B products.

Today, we are proud to have representatives from MARDI visiting us at Dozoff office located in Petaling Jaya, discussing over the upcoming R&D of a future product of Dozoff. In return of their courteous visit, our co-founders handed some Dozoff to the visiting team so that they can enjoy the good sleep from Dozoff tonight!