Our Story

We believe in the power of hard work, which leads to remarkable results and achievements.

We are firm believers in the beauty of nature and the positive impact it can have. At Dozoff, we've infused our creation with heart, understanding that hard work naturally yields incredible outcomes. Our unwavering commitment to crafting healthy functional beverages drives us to utilize natural ingredients to enhance one of your everyday activities: SLEEP. It is the quality of our sleep that revitalizes us, enabling us to conquer each new day with vigor. We work diligently for a purpose, and we recognize that restful sleep is an essential part of our journey.

How was it started

Our founders, driven by their passion for entrepreneurship, physical well-being, and community support, encountered a shared issue during the quiet hours of the night. The struggle to sleep robbed them of many productive days. Determined to find a solution for others who faced a similar challenge, they embarked on a mission. Our aim is to restore the restful slumber that hardworking individuals deserve through an efficient and naturally formulated ready-to-drink beverage with essential functions.

At its core, quality sleep empowers us, refueling our aspirations. When you sleep, you aren't halting; you're replenishing for what lies ahead!

We are here to support your journey to a peaceful night's sleep. You deserve the rejuvenating rest that paves the way for a brighter tomorrow.