It's Official, Dozoff Is Your Healthier Choice!

It's Official, Dozoff Is Your Healthier Choice!

That’s right, you will find this HCL label on Dozoff can.

What the hell is it and why it matters?

In short, any food or beverage with that red and round label of “Healthier Choice” on its label helps you to instantly identify that it is a food product that is healthier amongst others in its category, as per the guideline set by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MOH). Following that, every food/beverage category comes with minimum criteria of sugar and sodium level that must be complied with for a food/beverage product to be granted a “Healthier Choice Label”.

It is generally known and accepted that consumption of food with high sugar level is bad to our health, and if you are too lazy to read on the nutrition labels of foods in the supermarket or retail store, to compare their sugar content level, you can quickly find one that is relatively low in sugar content by identifying the presence of the red and round Healthier Choice Label printed on their packaging.

One thing worth mentioning is, the MOH actually requires the printing of the HCL logo to be on the principal view of the packaging, i.e. the front view of the product packaging. That directly makes the presence of the HCL logo easily identifiable.

And yes, Dozoff is now officially a healthier choice of functional beverage among its category, proudly telling the world how committed we are to make healthier functional beverage to improve the wellbeing of our customers!

To stay committed, we will be striving our best to make all of our upcoming products a healthier choice to the consumers, to deliver the real health and “functions” each and every one of them promises.

For now, make sure your have Dozoff in your fridge to support the good sleep at night that you need anytime, to live out your best in the next day.

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