Play Hard, Sleep Harder

Play Hard, Sleep Harder

If you have been following us for some time, you’d probably know that we are into racing. And I bet you didn’t know, of all the eSports categories, simulated racing is the one that mimic real racing the most. That means, if you drive well in sim racing, you are driving equally well in real driving.

Under the section of simulated racing in NoizuCon 2022, Malaysia’s largest gaming industry event, held in Le’ Meridien, Putrajaya, Dozoff is reminding sim racers (and racers) to always sleep well, to make sure they can race at best  of their focus.


Through participating as a sponsor of the section of NoizuCon 2022, we aimed at conveying our message to young and enthusiastic gamers, on top of sportsmen and sportswomen (eSports is sports too!) that they need to be at their best shape to do well in what they love doing.


During the event, visitors were able to experience the sim racing environment, and get to witness how our professional racers Mika Hakimi and Aiman Haziq from Team Dozoff BSR race and even challenge them with the super setup we had!

Oh, we would also like to congratulate our lucky draw winner, who have won a 1-year supply of Dozoff! So you can bet that she will be able to sleep damn well for a year now!