Collaborating with hospital as a wellness beverage

Collaborating with hospital as a wellness beverage

It’s an honor of Dozoff to be collaborating as a wellness product with Naluri Hospital, and being a collaborating partner of Naluri Hospital’s corporate wellness program.

Beyond maternity n pediatric hospital

Naluri Hospital is moving beyond what they are expertized in. Delivering healthcare services and wellness directly to their corporate clients, Naluri hospital brings together several service providers and wellness products to corporate there are servicing, contributing to the cultivation of corporate wellness awareness in Malaysia.

Countering the corporate stress

While corporate workers deal with a great amount of working stress, which can potentially lead to certain mental health issues, Dozoff is now in the picture to make sleeping easy, when stress is stopping one from sleeping well. The non-medical formulation of Dozoff is made from natural ingredients that were clinically proven to be helpful in relaxing one’s mind and assisting the generation of restorative sleep.

This is possible when the sleep related chemicals (serotonin, melatonin, dopamine & GABA) naturally secreted inside the brain are supported by Dozoff’s natural ingredients, to work better for a better sleep.

Collaborating for good

While Dozoff is available online, and growing their retail presence, it is deemed to be effective when it can be introduced directly to corporate workers, especially for a product of less than 1-year-old in the market.

If you think that your company is interested to having health and wellness program for your employees, feel free to contact Naluri Hospital. Let us bring healthcare and wellness a step closer to you.